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The New Facial
Stimulation Treatment

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Tone your face, reduce wrinkles, smooth your skin, and achieve a more youthful appearance with triLift.
This noninvasive* treatment is designed to give you a face lift-like effect without injections or surgery.

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Achieve Incredible Results

As you age, your face begins to sag and it loses the youthful shape it once had, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, a sagging jawline, uneven skin texture, and facial depressions. triLift can fight the effects of aging and other skin concerns right where they begin—in the muscles—in just one treatment**.

Wrinkle Reduction

Tone Your
Facial Muscles

As we age, our facial muscles weaken and sag. Activate the facial muscles for a well-defined, toned, and lifted look.


Regain the Triangle
of Youth

Sagging jawline? Stubborn wrinkles? Drooping cheeks? Regain the youthful triangular shape of your face with triLift™.

Hyaluronic Acid

The Natural

triLift™ achieves a face lift-like effect, without surgery or injections, by activating the triple elements—muscles, skin, and structure.

The triLift Technology

triLift is a new facial treatment that uses Dynamic Muscle Stimulation (DMSt) to target, stimulate, and fight the effects of aging. Using advanced technology, triLift can help you achieve a face lift-like effect by:

  • Thickening & strengthening the skin’s outer layer
  • Increasing natural volume & plumpness
  • Evening out the texture of the epidermal layer
  • Lifting & toning the muscles

The technology works by restoring different healthy facial muscles with electrical stimulation, which causes the muscles to expand and contract, toning your face just like you tone your body.

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Tone Your Face, Just Like You Tone Your Body

With triLift, you’re one 30-minute treatment session** away from seeing a refreshed, revitalized, and more youthful appearance looking back at you in the mirror. The result is an immediately visible face lift-like effect that is safe, pleasant, and quick, and improves over time with every additional treatment session.

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